Hi friends. Thanks for stopping by to watch this 30 minute video announcement as I discuss the big pieces of how it is that the Burchard family finds ourselves being called into reconciliation and full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. You’ll hear these big ideas as the “Four L’s” — Leading, Learning, Listening, and Loving. 

We’d love to hear from any of you who want to learn more about our journey. For now, here are the contours of our own family’s journey to becoming Catholic.

I mentioned a few books in this video. Below are links to ten great books that can provide a good starting place in your own investigation of Catholicism from a Catholic perspective (vs. the perspectives of anti-Catholic or ex-Catholic authors). There are so many more, but these are a good place to start if you are curious. At the end of the day, the Catechism is the must-have book if you want to know what Catholicism teaches. Anything anyone else says must flow from and be in agreement with that authoritative presentation of Catholic teaching in order to bear the mark that it is truly Catholic.