Amarillo, TX – Sources confirmed today that Sandy Friesen, a member of Amarillo’s Southside Baptist Church, has finally perfected both the body language and the facial expression that indicates actual trust in God.

“For years I’ve heard my pastor use phrases like ‘Put it all in the Lord’s hands,’ or ‘Just trust in the Lord.’ I always thought, to myself, ‘Yeah, but what does that actually look like?’ Honestly, I had no idea how to actually do that until I decided to just watch how he did it.”

When asked how she came to discover the secret to true faith, Friesen said, “It’s all in how you hold your face – mostly your eyes and the way you close your mouth just after you say ‘I’m just trusting God.’ The rest of it is mostly in the the angle of your shoulders. When you’re really trusting, there’s even a slight nodding of the head. It’s hard to describe, but you know, there’s an actual look on the face of a person who is truly and actively trusting God. You can just see it all over them.”

Friesen’s pastor reports that she has really turned a corner in her walk with God after discovering how other champions of the faith do it.