Hebrews 5:2  He can deal gently with the ignorant and wayward, since he himself is beset with weakness.  (ESV)

As humans we are filled with weakness, tempted, sinful. Jesus experienced this same weakness and temptation – “yet without sin” (4:15). By His overcoming of sin in the flesh (“tempted as we are”) we are set free from this bondage and able to draw near to God in intimacy with great confidence because His grace is so great and overwhelming (4:16).

If Jesus who is perfect, without sin, can deal gently with those who fail, how much more should we, fellow sinners, covered by His grace, extend this same grace  to those who seem to not know any better, and fail again and again in their weak attempts to live for God? Why do we insist on taking honor for ourselves (v. 4) and placing ourselves above others in a spiritual hierarchy of “goodness” or maturity in the church of God? All are welcome at the King’s table. The tickets are bought and paid for by Jesus Himself “through what he suffered” (v. 8-9). Come to the Table. All who are weary, Come to the Tablecome. All who are weak. All who labor and are heavy laden, come. All who are weighed down with a heavy weight of sin, pain, shame, disgrace – Come to the Table of Grace. Come to the King’s Feast. Y’shua is our great and gracious host, come. It’s free!

Lord may I be a gracious host. May my hands be gentle, my words encouraging, my love sincere, my heart warm & accepting, quick to forgive, quick to repent. In Jesus’ name, come Holy Spirit form Your heart in me. Be glorified, O’ God,