So I’ve been reading through the early chapters of 2 Corinthians, where Paul does a defense of his apostolic ministry. And it got me thinking what if we used this instead of (or at least in addition to) the traditional “Pastoral” Epistles (of Timothy & Titus) to develop a theology of Church Leadership.  Here’s a video blog that begins to explore that concept:


In addition to 1:12-2:11, several passages have stood out to me including 2:5-18, 4:2-18, 5:6-6:10, and 7:4-6. I hope to post on these passages also in the coming weeks, whether in the Vlog format or just good old text (although the Mark series has been keeping me pretty busy). But let me know what you think. Is Paul’s defense in 2 Corinthians just as important, if not more, as the Pastoral Epistles in developing a Biblical model for Pastoral Leadership? Are there any passages in those early chapters of 2 Corinthians relative to church leadership that I may have left out. Let me know in the comments below.

Oh, and if this video blog sucks, you can blame Robby McAlpine, ’cause this was his idea – LOL!