Luke 18:22b  Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven: and come follow me.”  (ESV)

The story of Jesus’ encounter with the rich ruler is abundantly clear! Cast off any and all things that hinder you from fully pursuing the kingdom of God and come & follow Jesus. Jesus is not commanding all His followers to sell everything they have and give to the poor. It is quite clear that wealth, for this man, was that one thing that he could not, would not give up in his heart in order to follow Jesus.

It is also clear that if money is that one thing for you, then you must give it up.Vineyard all in 2_cropped What is that one thing thing that holds you back – a sex addiction, control of relationships, power, education, whatever. You must surrender it to follow Jesus and submit to His Lordship as King of God’s kingdom. Children don’t worry about where their next meal is coming from? They just return home from a day of hard play and find their mother making them a sandwich for lunch or smell something delicious cooking on the stove for dinner. Be like that. Trust God to meet your needs. Don’t worry (cf. v. 16-17).

Lord Jesus teach me to trust like  a child so that I can follow You fully. Reveal to me that one thing that holds me back from going all in, and then the next thing, and the next thing, every day until I am fully conformed into Your image. God be glorified in Jesus’ name. Bring your kingdom! Send Your Spirit, Lord!