Gospel WordleOkay, it has been a while, but my project/goal to take my understanding of the message of the New Testament, and hyper-condense it into 100 words or less continues.

You may have missed the first and second drafts, so they’re linked for you in case you want to compare them with this and see where I’m turning corners, clarifying, modifying, and expanding.


Good News!

Jesus, Messiah, Son of David, crucified for us, is risen and is the exalted King!

He sits at God’s right hand.

He has called people from every nation into his Kingdom, filled us with his Spirit, and commissioned us to announce his reign to everyone.

God has turned the right to judge the world over to him.

So, rejoice.

The Lord is King.

Turn from former loyalties to him alone.

If we deny him, he will deny us.

But if we die with him, we will be raised with him in the Kingdom that will never end.

*(99 words exactly)

Alright, there is is!  What would you add, change, edit, clarify, or ask about? Jump in to the comments below if you wish.