New Growth Press As a pastor I love the Mini Book collection that New Growth Press has put together! I want to interact a bit with some of the theological conclusions and advice these Mini Books posit. I believe these are  tremendous tools for the pastor and the local church. Most of the books are about 24 pages long. Their tag line is “Simple, quick, Biblical advice on complicated counseling issues for pastors, counselors and individuals”. I don’t agree with all the theology, conclusions or advice these books give but they still work as a great catalyst or starting point concerning many difficult subjects from a thoroughly Evangelical viewpoint.



Here is a list of the Mini Books I will be reviewing for the next 13 weeks.

December 9th: Bringing Christ to Abused Women: Learning to See & Respond by Diane Langberg

“According to Amnesty International, one in three females worldwide-nearly one billion-are beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in their lifetime.”

December 16th: Your Husband is Addicted to Porn: Healing after Betrayal by Vicki Tiede

“God has given the Holy Spirit the task of conviction of sin. You are not responsible for your husband’s daily choices.”

December 23rd: Infertility: Comfort for Your Empty Arms & Heavy Heart by Amy Baker

“With the pain of unfulfilled dream for a family, it can be easy to withdraw from others. Being around children seems to keep the wounds open, a constant reminder that others have what you want”

December 30th: Protecting Children from Abuse in the Church: Steps to Prevent & Respond by Basyle Tchividjian

“1) Offenders are often the people you would least suspect. 2) Offenders often prey upon trusting and vulnerable young people. 3) Offenders have many victims.”

January 6th: When Trouble Shows Up: Seeing God’s Transforming Love by Robert D. Jones

“How does God display His love for you when you face hardships? How does God use trouble to accomplish his loving purposes in your life?”

January 13th: Forging a Strong Mother-Daughter Bond: Beyond Manipulation & Control by Leslie Vernick

“How to recognize manipulation: 1) Guilt Trips, 2)Pleading & Begging, 3) Crying, Sulking & Withdrawing, 4) Misquoting You or Others 5) Bulling & Threats 6) Name calling, Personal Attacks, & Constant Criticism, 7) Empty Promises 8) Appealing to a Higher Authority, 9) Lying–by Omission or Commission.”

January 20th: Stressed to the Max: Peace for Women under Pressure by Joni Eareckson Tada

“Stress is an unavoidable part of life. It has helped humans survive for thousands of years, and it keeps us on our toes in dangerous or critical situations.”

January 27th: Your Child Says, “I’m Gay”  by Tim Geiger

“No matter what ultimately happens, no matter what your son or daughter says, feels, or does, he or she is still your child. Express your love for her/him.”

February 3rd: Can You Change if You’re Gay? by David White

“1) Pray, 2) Talk to your pastor, 3) Or approach a lay spiritual leader. 4) Let existing friends into places of struggle. 5) Share with your family. “

February 10th: The Gay Dilemma & Your Church: Reaching Out to Those Who Struggle by John Freeman

“Being spiritually mature in our leadership mean the end of naivete”

February 17th: Managing Your Emotions: Keeping Your Feelings from Running the Show by Amy Baker

“Being enslaved to feelings is bad. However, feelings make great servants.”

February 24th: Making Friends: Beyond Loneliness to Rich Relationships by Dee Brestin

“Where do you find your identity? Again, we may say our identity is in Christ, but it is so easy to actually find our identity in our husbands, children, ministries, or friendships.”

March 3rd: Anxiety & Panic Attacks: Trusting God When You’re Afraid by Jocelyn Wallace

“Anxiety points to what you most want.”


*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review*