Wesley_CollectionTwenty-nine volumes of awesomeness! That’s what I got when I recently unlocked my John Wesley Collection in my Logos 5 Bible software. If you’ve read any of my Weekly Wesley posts, you’ve seen me refer to my collection. Well, this post will give you a great overview of all the material in it. If you’re a John Wesley fan like me, this is a tool you need to get your hands on.  Here’s the skinny –

The Description from LOGOS

The John Wesley Collection (29 vols.) contains all of his theological works, including the four-volume Explanatory Notes upon the Old and New Testaments, plus his journals, essays, letters, sermons, grammars, psalms, hymns, and addresses. Those familiar with the Thomas Jackson edition of The Works of John Wesley are aware they include some of his journals, but these are incomplete and missing large chunks of important entries—sometimes entire years are missing! The Logos edition of the John Wesley Collection (29 vols.) contains the unabridged and authoritative eight-volume journals edited by Nehemiah Curnock. Also included in this massive collection is a three-volume, in-depth biography on this extraordinary man of faith.

This collection, like everything in the miracle that is LOGOS is fully integrated with all of the resources in the entire library. If you use LOGOS like I do, then you’ll be able to do topical searches, word-studies, or thematic overviews of everything in the collection. Here’s a closer look at the contents.

The Works of John Wesley: vols. 1-14
The Journal of John Wesley: vols. 1-8
Wesley’s Explanatory Notes upon the New Testament: 1 volume
Wesley’s Explanatory Notes upon the Old Testament: vols. 1-3
The Life and Times of the Rev. John Wesley: vols. 1-3

There is a lot that can be done with this or any collection in LOGOS, so let me just suggest four things here as a starting place.

Thing to do #1 – Make it a searchable collection

In LOGOS you can make any number of books into a single searchable collection within the larger library.  That’s the first thing to do with the Wesley Collection.  This is done by clicking the TOOLS tab in LOGOS. Under the library column you’ll see  COLLECTIONSSimply give your collection a name, type in titles or words that tell your library what to look for (in this case, John Wesley Works – or something like that) and all of the books that fit that criteria will populate the selection list. That’s all there is to it. LOGOS will auto-save the collection.


Thing to do #2 – Perform a search in your new Wesley Collection

Want to know what Wesley wrote about hell, preaching, the Moravians, horses, morning tea, or predestination?  That’s an easy task with LOGOS now that you have your collection set up.  In seconds, you can have LOGOS open every resource in your Wesley collection to everything related to your search topic. To do this, just click the search icon at the top of the screen in LOGOS, limit your search to your recently-created Wesley collection, type your search criteria in the  search field, and hit enter. Boom!  Now you’re looking at everything in the entire collection on that topic, and you can just click any of the links to open the resource and read about your topic in context.


Thing to do #3 – Set up a daily reading plan in your Wesley Collection

Twenty-nine volumes of Wesley is a lot of stuff to work through. You may enjoy pacing yourself by using the daily devotions tool built into the LOGOS Bible software to create a reading plan for your Wesley collection.  The screen shot below shows you how. Go to the home screen in LOGOS, click on the edit link under the devotional and select the volume you want to read through, how often you want to read, when you want to begin, and how long you want the project to take. LOGOS will create a daily reading list that you can export to your calendar. You can also view the reading plan as a calendar, as a list, or as an overview. Each time you complete a reading, check it off. Before you know it, you’ll have mined through tons of great stuff!



Thing to do #4 – Study the Bible or do your sermon prep with Wesley

John Wesley wrote a huge amount of material on the Old and New Testaments. This collection contains all of his written notes through whole books of the Bible. If you want to study a passage on your own, or integrate Wesley’s insights (or a quote from Wesley) into your sermon on a passage of scripture, this is an invaluable feature.  In this screen shot, I’m in the library on LOGOS, and I have opened Wesley’s New Testament commentary to Eph. 1. Since my Wesley collection settings are set to open all parallel resources to the same text reference, both my interlinear Greek Bible and my ESV automatically open to Ephesians 1 as well.


Obviously there is a lot more you can do with your Wesley collection in LOGOS, so this is just a starting place. Enjoy!


Wesley_Collection_AdLearn more about John Wesley here.

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I received a complimentary copy of this set in exchange for an unbiased review.