John Wesley believed that God loves everyone, period! His understanding of God’s love was quite contrary to the teaching that God specially loves the elect (e.g. certain individual people who are “chosen” to be saved) in a way that is different from they way he loves the “non-elect” (and, in fact, there is a teaching that says that God does not love the non-elect at all, but that he actually hates them).  In his letter to a “Mrs. H” he wrote…


To Mrs. H –

Without doubt it seems to you, that yours is a peculiar case. You think there is none like you in the world. Indeed there are. It may be, ten thousand persons are now in the same state of mind as you. I myself was so a few years ago. I felt the wrath of God abiding on me. I was afraid every hour of dropping into hell. I knew myself to be the chief of sinners. Though I had been very innocent, in the account of others, I saw my heart to be all sin and corruption. I was without the knowledge and the love of God, and therefore an abomination in his sight.

But I had an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous. And so have you. He died for your sins; and he is now pleading for you at the right hand of God. O look unto Him, and be saved! He loves you freely, without any merit of yours. He has atoned for all your sins.

See all your sins on Jesus laid!

His blood has paid for all. Fear nothing; only believe. His mercy embraces you: It holds you in on every side. Surely you shall not depart hence, till your eyes have seen his salvation.

I am, Madam,

Your affectionate brother.


That’s it for this week’s installment. Now jump into the comment thread below. Have you heard the teaching that God loves some differently from others (or does not love some at all, and actually hates them)? What do you make of this?


Taken from Wesley, J. (1872). The Works of John Wesley (Third Edition., Vol. 12, p. 493). London: Wesleyan Methodist Book Room.
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