New_Testament_2Here it is! Version #2 of my attempt to communicate the central message of the New Testament in 100 words or less.

On the advice of a few friends, I did more work with the cross and with Israel, which I hope is more obvious.  I’m still looking for help with an invitational, evangelistic edge, since it is a message that all are invited to embrace.  Feel free to chime in. 

Remember, it has to be 100 words or less. I’m open to your input.  Enjoy,,,

Jesus, Messiah,
Abraham’s seed,
David’s son,
Israel’s hope,
second Adam,
serpent-crushing savior,
succeeding where all others have failed,
loving God and all people unfailingly.

Obedient to God,
refusing vengeance toward enemies,
submissive to the death of crucifixion,
he has vindicated God’s love and justice,
refused to be Adam,
conquered sin and Satan,
received God’s vindication in resurrection,
and has been given all of creation
to share with all who come to God through him.

All who receive him as creation’s only King
will be God’s children (and more!),
and live eternally,
forgiven and made right again,
in the new creation.

100 words, exactly. Feel free to engage in the comment section below. I need input.