This will be the first of five posts that summarize my personal understanding of the theology and mega-message of the New Testament. I have 100 words or less to get it done, and I really want to hear back from you about what seems to be missing.

I promise to engage and take your input to heart. However, don’t be surprised if I respond with something like, “I totally covered that by word #6 in sentence 3” – but, maybe I missed something. Be sure to let me know if you think so. Read on…

Adam and all his sons have failed their call to love God and each other, and rule over the earth as His image.

Jesus, God the son, is the pleasing one, succeeding where all others have failed.

In birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus has vindicated the goodness of God, and through resurrection God has vindicated Jesus, and has set him over the creation as the anointed King.

All who come to God in Jesus will live with him in endless fellowship and joy when heaven and earth are rejoined again under the reign of the risen son.

98 Words. What did I miss? GO!