Theology ReshapedThe opportunity to experience the grace of God is an experience like no other. In this so called post-racial world, I had a run in with a racist old man.  I had just let my wife out at the door of the movie theater and I was parking. As I got out of the car and was walking toward the door an older white man said, “See what happens when you give a black person a new car.” His wife turning around to see me develops this look of terror in her eyes as she tried to correct him. Now his actions did not surprise me, but my reaction were the highlight of the day.

My response was a “simple grin and smile.”

There was a time I might have slapped that man or just went into his grill with the same type of racist antics. As I reached my wife she started asking me what was so funny. I said, “I have changed.” That moment was suspended in for me as recollect my thoughts about that episode.

I developed a greater definition and understanding of the grace of God. My simple overlooking of that old man’s comments allowed me to experience on simpler level how God overlooks my very own sins and errors. Yes I wanted to react but my reaction would have strengthened his warped reality of blacks.

It took a lot of restraint not to respond but the end result for displaying a characteristic that was outside of my character speaks volumes. It speaks to me being a primary participant of God’s grace. I have done the very thing that this man done but in a different manner.

It has been moment such as this which has shaped my theology of God. Yes, I have read many articles, books and the Bible that has provided profound insight into God but it is those personal moments when God makes the words real. I am by no means new to racist taunts but many times I have responded with my very own remarks to rebut words spoken to me. What happened 2 weeks ago has lead me to see that God is still chiseling away at my sinful nature.

God’s grace extended recalls the very essence of error with love. His grace shapes theology and attends to the life of his people. Experiencing the grace of God is a gift that can’t be duplicated.

I am constantly being renewed and drawn into his (Christ) suffering which results into growth.