I love how Geerhardus Vos explains the differences between Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology. He writes,

“In Biblical Theology the principle is one of historical, in Systematic Theology it is one of logical construction. Biblical Theology draws a line of development. Systematic Theology draws a circle.” (Biblical Theology, 16).

If these two clarifications adequately summarize the differences between these two disciplines, shouldn’t we agree that both disciplines are equally important? We need both the historical storyline and the logical conclusions, right? We need lines and circles, circles and lines. These two disciplines are both important not only for scholars, but also for the common person sitting in the pew. Why? Because some tend to be more linear in their thinking and others like stories (drama).

For a bit more help, and a longer discussion of Biblical Theology (as contrasted with systematic theology), and a survey of both the Old and New Testaments through the discipline of Biblical Theology, read Kenny’s posts here and here.