I really enjoy Andrew Faris’ blog contributions at Christians in Context. A couple of the latest are extremely thought-provoking. For instance, Faris provides Toward a Theology of Smoking. I am not a Fundamentalist (in the more radical and negative sense), so I obviously liked this post. And no, I’m not a flaming liberal either, despite what some independent Baptists people might say. Faris brings up some interesting points and then makes some statements that should stimulate someone’s mind at least somewhere!

I have found that smoking a pipe or a cigar or a clove or a hookah pipe seems to prompt guys to share things they normally wouldn’t share and to focus their conversation on things they normally wouldn’t discuss. It is kind of interesting. I’m sure we can get into a huge debate on the regulative principle of worship contrasted with the normative principle of worship, but I’ll let you all hash that one out.

Yeah, I know that R.A. Torrey wouldn’t agree, but Faris has also responded to Torrey too! So put that in your pipe and smoke it!