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Daniel J. Fick – Philosopher, Philanthropist, and Phenomenal Golfer
Daniel is a member of the Philosophy faculty at Schoolcraft College. He has an earned Master of Theological Studies from Moody Theological Seminary and plans to begin doctoral work in Biblical Studies at the University of Cape Town in early 2015. Daniel is currently editing his first book on the intersection of philosophy and theology to be published by Wipf & Stock. He lives with his wife and daughter in Metropolitan Detroit.

Aimee Tiernan –’s expert counselor
Aimee is a leader and counselor, gaining wisdom from her experience and education. Growing up on a farm, she learned the values of family, hard work, grace, and a deep love of animals. A graduate of Toccoa Falls College and ORU, she has been a true leader and professional at every job and assignment. A lover of Christ, Aimee attended multiple churches before finding the Vineyard in 1992, and has been active in that association of churches ever since, eventually becoming an ordained Vineyard pastor.

Aimee’s first marriage was to John, a man who battled mental illness until his suicide. Aimee enjoys her relationship with her two stepchildren and one grandson. She has been married to her current spouse Scott since 2009, sharing their Arizona home with two cats and a dog.

Thomas Lyons – New Testament Scholar, Gamer, and Tall Dude
Thomas (M.Div., Ph.D. B.S. Candidate) is a young Vineyard scholar who is passionate about biblically educating leaders and providing theological reflection for the Church in this increasingly post-Christian world. Thomas has been a part of the Vineyard Movement for over 12 years and participated in Vineyard communities in Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas.

Thomas is currently a Ph.D. B.S. candidate at Asbury Theological Seminary studying under Craig Keener. His research interests include Luke-Acts, pneumatology, and the Kingdom of God. Thomas is published in the Journal of Inductive Bible Study and has presented multiple papers at the Society of Vineyard Scholars.

Thomas and his wife Amber have been married for almost 10 years and currently have twins with an additional child on on the way. They currently live in Lexington Kentucky and are active members in the Lexington Vineyard. In his free time, Thomas is an avid gamer, both tabletop and computer, and moonlights as lead developer for the indie game company Venture Land Games.

Don Bromley – Tall, Gentle, Genius
I was born in the San Francisco bay area, California, the son of Baptist missionaries (GARB). I have a younger sister (Lisa) and a younger brother (Jason). I grew up and attended high school in the Sacramento area. I loved science but had great difficulty reconciling this with my faith, especially concerning the creation-evolution debate. So during my sophomore year I declared myself an “atheist.” I attended college at U.C. Berkeley, majoring in mechanical engineering. The event which rocked my world, and challenged my atheism, was the death of my mother from cancer in 1995 (she was 47). This event, and the witness of my mother’s Presbyterian church, would eventually lead me back to faith. Instrumental in this was my discovery of the works of C.S. Lewis, especially his “Mere Christianity.”

Moving to Ann Arbor to attend graduate school at the University of Michigan, I first attended the Vineyard Church of Milan, pastored by Ken Wilson (which would plant the Ann Arbor Vineyard in 2001). There I received a life-changing prophetic word, calling me to the ministry—I went on staff in 1997 and began my Master’s Degree at Ashland Seminary. That same year I met my wife Julia and we were married in 1999. We currently have three girls, Eve, Brynne, and Grace.

In 2011 I left Ann Arbor to be senior pastor of a Vineyard church in San Carlos, California. We soon discerned that we were not to remain there (long story), and moved back to Ann Arbor in 2012. I currently work as a mechanical engineer in Ann Arbor and we attend Grace Church Ann Arbor.

Deborah J. Shore – Poet, Peacemaker, and Lover of Slushies
Deborah is a Yankee living in Tennessee—a sometimes-writer and poet with a smattering of eclectic publishing credits and a couple of books of Christian teaching in the editorial shuffle.  She grew up in a house church and has been quite involved in the Vineyard.  She’s also had some protracted fellowship in UMC and PCA circles among others and tends to be rather fascinated by opportunities to glean from other camps.

MaryJo Burchard, Ph.D. – Smarter than all of our primary leaders (especially Kenny)
The daughter of a pastor, church planter, and Bible college professor, MaryJo’s first culture is the church. This gives her unique insight into the challenges that ecclesial leaders and their families face.

Brian Foulks – Genius, Genius, and Urban Genius
Brian is a church planter/ lead pastor of the Volume Church, an urban missionary, and a social activist. He has a passion for those nestled in the cortex of Hip Hop and church. Known for being an advocate for invading the culture with the truth of the scripture. He is considered to be a hybrid of the faith-connecting the seminary with the block, the unorthodox, hip hop culture with some of the liturgical aesthetics of the church. His mission is based on a need to redirect the efforts of the church toward a people group that society at large has been disinclined to engage. He has a B.S. in Recreation from Benedict College and a M.A. in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He has done work on a PhD (Oxford Graduate School) but  is currently a MDiv. student at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary.

Rebecca Tomas – Wife, Mother, and Practical Thinker Extraordinaire 
Rebecca is a wife of almost 7 years to her best friend. She is also a mom to two little bundles of energy who teach her more about God’s love every day. She is passionate about not accepting things at face value, but rather taking the time to study them with an open mind to find where the truth lies. Rebecca is also a Registered Nurse with a special interest in alternative medicine and natural health through lifestyle modification. She has recently moved from a traditional nursing job into a more natural health role. She also enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, and spending time with her family.