Prayer for women like us: Prayer Book & Journal For Exotic Dancers

Wait, what? You can do that?!? If you’re ex-stripper, Pastor, and author Monica Gary Sr. – yes you can!

Full Disclosure: Monica is a friend and a missional ministry partner. But I can tell you that she is the real deal. She has been through the ringer, found Jesus, climbed out of a dark pit, and lived to tell about it. But she will also tell you that she is still a work in progress as well.

Prayer For Women Like Us is just what it claims to be. A series of 22 short, one-page devotionals, with scripture references, followed by a couple pages for the reader to journal their own thoughts, feelings, reactions… prayers. Each devotional is written in the form of a prayer. I like that, because, I’m guessing that many of her intended readers might have no idea how to even begin to pray for themselves. Monica gives a voice to the voiceless! And she’s “been there, done that” so I can’t think of anyone more qualified to write a book like this!

You won’t find much in the way of religious fluff and platitudes here. Monica covers a wide range of “where the rubber meets the road” real life topics like children, addiction, finances, abuse, life in the club, hope, loss, legal troubles, homelessness, depression, and trauma – topics which are surely relevant to many in her audience. Again, she’s been there, so is imminently qualified to speak God’s truth into the dark corners of life in the sex industry. But Monica is also a woman of faith (“I believe you” – p. 1), and encouragement (“You have made me in Your image” – p. 5). She has such a great heart for these ladies! She is also not afraid to deal with the tough topics either – like parenting (“Lead them to You, Jesus, even and especially when I fail to” – p. 9). You might even find a prayer for their customers, and their oppressors (p. 37)!

“To all the incredible women I have worked with over the years, those who have left and those who remain. To those of you who are just setting out on your dancing journey…

You are loved beyond measure!

These are the words my soul longed to pray but eluded me during my days working in the clubs.

Now that I have found them, they are my gift to you.”

-Monica Gary Sr. (p. vi)

I highly recommend this book! And honestly, it’s not just for strippers. I know that a number of it’s truths ministered to me when I was reading it. Or perhaps you have a friend or acquaintance in need of a book like this. Also, this book is intended to be given away to girls in the clubs. If you know of anyone or groups that are ministering to this community, it would be great to get multiple copies into their hands! Prayer for women like us is available now at Amazon!

Prayer Book & Journal for Exotic Dancers