DURHAM, NC – For many people, the Bible can be an overwhelming and intimidating book. For pastors who stand and teach from the Bible every Sunday, the task can be daunting. How can one person work through all that material, and how can people finally get to a place where they feel comfortable reading the Bible on their own without getting lost?

Pastor Roy Sturgess, teaching pastor at SouthPoint Church – Durham’s largest multi-site congregation believes has the answer, and he’s been living and modeling that answer for the past 24 years.

“I discovered long ago that when you break it all down, there are really only 8 subjects in the whole bible, and no matter where you go, you’re sure to find one of them. That’s why I re-set my sermon series every 4 weeks, breaking the subjects up into two blocks, and covering them again and again and again and again, week after week, month after month, and year after year. No matter what text we’re looking at, we always fit it in with one of these 8 things. It’s pretty amazing, actually!”

When asked to give a summary of the 8 primary subjects in the Bible, Sturgess rolled through them like a confident 1st-grader saying his ABCs:  “Salvation, Spiritual Disciplines, Relationships/Marriage and Family, Finances, Evangelism, Reaching your personal destiny (or your full potential), Overcoming negative emotions/habits, and Church Building Campaigns. That’s it. That’s the whole Bible. It’s not that hard.”

When reflecting on how long it takes the average Christian to master the whole Bible using his system for understanding it, Sturgess insisted — “Well, if you’ve been in our church for more than 16 weeks, you’ve pretty much figured out what the Bible is about because you’ve gone through the whole thing twice in that short amount of time. If you miss a Sunday here or there, you know what you missed will be coming back around again in 3-4 Sundays.”