Hebrews 7:16  who has become a priest, not on the basis of a legal requirement concerning bodily descent, but by the power of an indestructible life.  (ESV)

The Levitical priesthood was based on institutionalism. The superior priesthood of Jesus is based on the character of His life – indestructible! I wonder if we shouldn’t model our leadership after Jesus instead of the model of institutional Christianity. For, because of Jesus, we too have eternal life.

What if we found our authority to lead based upon our Christ-like character (compassion, purity, righteousness, love, kindness, hope, passion for the lost and hurting – the outcast and the broken) rather than based upon the endorsement of some religious organization? What if people followed us because of who we are and how we treated them  (knowing in their hearts for sure that we love them and have their best in mind)? What if that were true of us and we didn’t use people as pawns in our scheme to build our religious empire with ourselves at the helm?Good girls Tshirt

Jesus offers a better hope which allows us to draw near to God (v. 19). What if we offered people that hope rather than just an organization to belong to where we all wear the same “Team” T-shirts? What if our character was so Christ-like that we didn’t have to live (and act) in constant fear of losing our position (cf. v. 24)?

What if I was so filled with Your Spirit that kindness and compassion oozed out of me? Come Holy Spirit. What if people were drawn to the light of Jesus inside of me instead of my own personal charm? Come Lord Jesus. Fill me. What if my life brought glory to God, not self-seeking and approval. Be glorified. Come Holy Spirit. Do a work of transformation in me. Send Laborers Lord.

In Jesus’ name – Amen