FARWELL, TX – The entire varsity football team at Farwell Christian Academy, a private K-12 Christian School and many of the school’s 37 high school students are reeling after losing their most recent playoff game to Farwell High School (Farwell’s non-Christian public high school). Several area youth pastors and the school chaplain have been on call for the past week to meet with students who are so devastated they are now questioning their faith.

“I just don’t get it,” varsity quarterback Brett Riordan told reporters.  “We prayed in the locker room, we prayed on the field, we prayed at every youth group represented by our players – we prayed everywhere! And we totally said we’d give all the glory to God. We committed our lives to being His witnesses out on that field. But they still won! We’re all just shocked and wondering, like, where was God — you know?”

When asked about their game strategy as compared with FHS, several players variously retorted with comments like – “It’s not about strategy. It’s not even about ability, size, or even skill. It’s about having the Lord on your side!”

“You’re taught to have faith, trust God, and believe He’ll give you the victory,” Riordan lamented. “This just makes me wonder what’s true. Everything I’ve ever been taught is crumbling around me.”

School officials at FCA are meeting on Thursday to pray and ask for guidance about the school’s sports program and how best to explain God’s decision to let the team lose the game to a public non-Christian school. A spokesman for the school told reporters, “We feel we need to find a way explain all this to the community without harming our reputation for being the one school in the entire community that has the favor of the Lord.” – ChristianSatirePost