Updated: Simmer down people. It’s only January 12th so it’s not too late to put this up. We wanted to let you catch up on our top ten posts from the past year. In all, we enjoyed 105,368 visits to the site last year, and saw some great interaction from our readers. So, without further delay here are the 2015 top ten in reverse order for your reading pleasure…

#10 – Searching for the radical middle and finding it – Honoring Bill Jackson, by Luke Geraty.

#9 – Yes, everyone gets to play. No, everyone doesn’t get to lead, by Luke Geraty.

#8 – The missional model vs. the attractional model for church, by Brad Blocksom.

#7 – My list of top five books on the Kingdom of God, by Luke Geraty.

#6 – The “secret” to preaching sermons without using a manuscript, by Luke Geraty.

#5 – Homosexuality in the ancient world, by Luke Geraty.

#4 – My list of top ten books on Charismatic theology, by Luke Geraty.

#3 – Greek-Geeking the Great Commission in Matthew, by Kenny Burchard.

#2My new answer to “So, what’s your perspective on gay marriage” (until I hear a better one), by Kenny Burchard

#1 – An open letter to the dad doing porn, by Anonymous.

As always, we’d love it if you would read through all of these and feel free to engage us in the comments. And of course, no top-ten summary would be complete if we didn’t ask you to pick the one you like the best and share it on your social media. We’re grateful for the referrals.

Happy New Year!

The ThinkTheology team