Institutional big box churches bother me to no end. I wanted to share ten reasons with you why I stopped going.
10: A Pastor at a church we we used to go to had passionate opinions and he shared them without consulting me.
9: The Pastor at one church we visited for a bit didn’t home school his Children and our children learned bad things from them.
8: I heard from a friend that the Pastor across town made a discouraging remark to a woman after church because she began to breastfeed her Child on Sunday morning while singing in the choir.
7: I’m pretty sure our last Pastor has never read “Baby Wise”. My wife says.
6: I think the pastor in town that drives a Prius voted for Obama. That’s what I heard.
5: One pastor shook my hand on Sunday morning I’m pretty sure he was flirting with me. I’ve read about that kind of thing on Facebook.
4: My wife tells me I know more than the pastor anyway.
3: When I don’t put anything in the offering plate I think the pastor looks at me funny.
2: I think pastors think they’re better than everyone else but they’re not. Wouldn’t you if you got paid to be “spiritual”?
1: I don’t want to pay for some pastor’s big salary with my offering. I work hard for my money and he just works on Sunday.