I’m a singer songwriter. There was a period in my life when I wrote a lot of songs. I also rewrote a lot of old Hymns. Now that I am a full time Pastor and father of 3 I don’t write much anymore. In this series I will be sharing with you some of the songs I have written and the stories behind them. (Abraham & Isaac;The God Who Saves; Mountainside; Abbe’s Song; Sway)

Proverbs 25:4 Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer.20150430_153213

A friend asked me to sing a song for his wedding. I decided to write one and the first thing that came to my mind was the heavy fear of failure that flooded me as our (my wife Abbe and I) wedding day approached several years before. I worried about marriage so much because I didn’t exactly know how to do it. Our family had so many failed marriages that a guy like me felt that he might just be walking into a real mess. So that part of the song is clear “will you still love me even then?”. But I was following Christ and in this covenant I was confident that Christ would show both Abbe and I what it means to live in the refining process of true covenant love. In his covenant love, God takes us just as we are and through a lifelong process of heat, hammers and bending he makes us into vessels ready for his purpose. Though I wasn’t confident in my abilities to covenant well I knew God would work in Abbe and I to bring us together more and more as long as we continued to seek Him first. God would separate the dross (impurities) from the silver and we would be something of value to Him. When I thought about that refining process our little wedding rings and wedding vows paled in the light of the oneness that Gods gospel produces in those who love him and choose to follow Him.

Abbe’s Song
By Able Baker

When my hands ache with age
When i’m as cold as stone
When my heart burns with rage
Will you still love me even then

Chorus: My love for you is something more
Its not a ring or saying vows
My love for you’s a wooden cross
Ill take the silver and your dross.

If i should fall apart
If i should lose my way
If i should even break your heart
Would you still love me then?