Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.  (ESV)

Got satisfaction? No, I mean deep down in your soul! When its quiet and Satisfiedno one is there, and you’re left alone with nothing but your thoughts. Do you have a contentment – a peace that surpasses understanding? Do you even ever take the time to sit still and just be, or do you fear the silence because you know you’ll have to face your own self, the truth, your past, your sin, your hurt?

This is the exact opposite of what the world tells us: we need more stuff, more stimulation, more activity to be satisfied. We need to be self-indulgent, hedonists, pleasure seekers in order to find satisfaction in this life. But Jesus says that purity of heart opens our eyes to be able to see God (v. 8). Isn’t that really what we all long for? Just imagine what that would be like! Seek righteousness – not just cessation of sin but a journey of soul transformation where your desire becomes to know God, to see God, to be in His presence, to bless other people and point them down this same path (v. 13, 16) that they too might find peace, peace with God, peace within their soul, peace with themselves and their own conscience.

God, flood me with righteousness and a desire for Your kingdom (v. 3, 10). Transform my heart to be consumed with knowing You and basking in Your presence and a desire to be salt (v. 13) in this world shining Your light in me (v. 14) upon others that they might see and experience Your glory, In Jesus’ name. For I am but a man…