The early chapters of Luke’s Gospel are saturated with narratives about families, pregnancies, husbands, wives, children, the religious community of faith, devotion, dedication to God’s house, and the formation of two incredible people; John the Baptizer, and Jesus, the Messiah.

These two men grew up in the homes of parents who took their spiritual formation very seriously. Because of that, one became the fore-runner for Messiah, and according to Jesus, “The Greatest man who ever lived,” (cf. Lk. 7:28) and the other became the savior of the human race.

This did not happen on accident.

The influence of family was important in both cases.

When putting the family-life of John and Jesus side-by-side, some amazingly consistent parallels arise.

The Parents of John the Baptizer – AKA Mr. & Mrs. Baptist…

No, their names were not Mr. & Mrs. Baptist, but since John is always called “John the Baptists,” I thought it would be fun.

Moving on.

John’s parents…

  • Were unapologetically God-centered (Lk. 1:58)
  • Dedicated John to the Lord (Lk. 1:59)
  • Knew and obeyed God’s will (Lk. 1:13, 60, 63)
  • Were filled with the Holy Spirit (Lk. 1:15, 41, 67)
  • Spoke prophetically into their son’s life (Lk. 1:67, 76)
  • Raised John in the way of the Lord (Lk. 1:66)
  • Released John to walk with God his whole life (Lk. 1:80)
The Parents of Jesus, the Messiah – AKA Mr. & Mrs. Helsion

I jokingly call the parents of Jesus the “Helisons” because of Luke 3:23 (Joseph’s father was named “Heli” and he was, thus, Heli’s son… uhem).

At any rate, they…

  • Brought him into covenant with God’s people as a baby before he could make the choice for himself (Lk. 2:21)
  • Revered and obeyed God’s word (Lk. 2:22,23,24,27,39)
  • Dedicated their son to God (Lk. 2:22)
  • Took him to God’s house regularly (Lk.  2:22,41)
  • Though poor, gave sacrificially (Lk. 2:24)
  • Valued and respected spiritual authority (Lk. 2:24,41,46,51)
  • Valued generational wisdom and the prophetic community (Lk. 2:25-38)
  • Raised their son to fulfill God’s call on his life (Lk. 2:40)
A Question for Contemplation, Reflection, Meditation, and even Repentance…

Do you have a special status with God, wherein you get the privilege to run your life, your family, and your home the way you want to, despite what is taught in the word of God?

If so – why didn’t God grant the same privilege to the parents of Jesus?

As I think about my own family, my son, and the influence of my life, I am convicted that the parents of John and Jesus have a lot to teach me.