In my mind violence (both defensive and offensive) must always come before peace and because of this, change is rarely harmonious. This is unfortunate and sad but true. The cross is not simply an act of violence nor is it simply an act of non-violence.  I think we see broken and perverted shadows of the character of God in both of our human expressions of violence and peace even though I cant explain it one without the other seems too ideal and Utopian this side of the second coming. There is just as much enigmatic and inescapable truth in the “ground and pound” of a round five in an MMA championship as there is in the respectful embrace after the decision.  In the cross is see God redeeming humanity’s definitions of both violence and peace into one central extravagant and indescribable act of justice.  photos-of-ufc-fighters-before-and-after-fights-show-how-gruesome-mma-can-be

What are your thoughts concerning violence or pacifism?
What about the MMA do you have a hard time watching it as a Christian? Why?