I think many of the problems we have with Christian Marriages and Evangelical Church commitment have so much in common. They can be related to a lack of understanding of Covenant. Within the last 100 years Evangelicals have focused to much on how the church is distinct from Israel much of our understanding of Covenant has been “left behind” to pursue experiencialism or emotionalism. An Evangelical today has a very difficult time understanding the actual purpose of Church Baptism, Lords Table, and Church Membership because they are not really significant constant emotional experiences. But these practices are so distinctly tied to covenant that without an understanding of that theological concept Church literally only becomes a place to feel good. If that is no longer happening then for many people they have no problem finding a place that feels right.

For example, I asked my children last night (during our family Bible listening time) how do they know God loves them? Jack said “We can feel it in our hearts” (That’s a good Mormon answer) I said that’s good but how do we know he loves us even when that feeling is gone?” I was then able to explain Gods covenant/promise toward us in Jesus. It’s funny because Jack found much comfort in that. Probably because he is beginning to understand what it is to not feel Gods love the older he gets.

What do you think?