It’s Christmas around here in our home and it has been for the last 25 days. If you’re a pastor you understand what I mean. Our little family advent calendar has a different family activity for us to do together everyday. Last night our “25 days of Advent” activity was to sleep under the Christmas tree and watch a Christmas movie together. I love watching my children enjoy the Christmas season. The way they look at the Christmas tree and way they interact with our families little Christmas time traditions. The greatest hope I have for my Children is that they will personally hear God though. I pray that my children will not just see traditions or plastic “manger Jesus” but actually hear and see the heart of the Father in the birth witness of his Son. This is what I truly enjoyed about this little clip from my Wednesday’s With Barth reading this week. Take a look at what he says here concerning Jesus… barth homeboy

“Over and above the reality of God’s lordship over our existence it implies God’s lordship in the fact that He turns to us, that indeed He comes to us, that He speaks with us, that He wills to be heard by us and to arouse our response. It signifies the reality of an intercourse which He has established between God and us. God does not just will and work. In His revelation in Jesus Christ He discloses to us His will and work. He does not treat us as dust or day, even though we are this as His creatures. He does not just subject us to His power as Creator or cause us to be controlled by His power as Creator so as to fulfil His purpose in us. He seeks us as those who can let themselves be found. He converses with us as those who are capable of hearing, understanding and obeying. He deals with us as the Creator, but as a person with persons, not as a power over things.”

Because it is Christmas and I am so crazy busy right now I don’t have time to expound on this quote from Barth.  I will just say how blessed I was to meditate on the fact that God in Christ is speaking to us and disclosing His will and His work in a person to person way. This intimacy is what marks Jesus’ lordship and this intimacy is what has drawn me to Him and His kingdom. Be born in us Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

I will be posting a new reading schedule on Friday for CD 1.2

What did you read this week & what did you think of it?


Book I.1: The Word of God as the Criterion of Dogmatics; The Revelation of God

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