Rebecca TomasJoin me in welcoming Rebecca Tomas as a guest blogger here at I met Rebecca via Facebook because we have mutual friends. I found her comments be thoughtful and exceptionally helpful and basically told her if she didn’t write some posts for our website, I’d probably lose my mental stability. She, being such a nice young lady who is involved in health care, made my day by agreeing. So much for not pressuring people to blog! Ha! Here’s a short bio of Rebecca:

Rebecca is a wife of almost 7 years to her best friend. She is also a mom to two little bundles of energy who teach her more about God’s love every day. She is passionate about not accepting things at face value, but rather taking the time to study them with an open mind to find where the truth lies. Rebecca is also a Registered Nurse with a special interest in alternative medicine and natural health through lifestyle modification. She has recently moved from a traditional nursing job into a more natural health role. She also enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, and spending time with her family.

Okay, read Rebecca’s first post, Do You Worship Your Convictions?