"Help! I'm preaching a sermon!"This coming week, I’m preaching from Mark 7:1–23. I value any (constructive) pertinent insights, questions, thoughts or opinions that you have regarding the main point or core message of the passage I am working on for this coming Sunday. Please feel free to interact with one or more of the following questions. Thanks your involvement is appreciated!

In your opinion does this passage push back against any of these current ways of seeing, understanding and living in this world?

  • “I” am the center of the universe
  • I am what I own
  • My nation is God’s nation
  • We can’t know what is universally good.
  • All that matters is matter.
  • We are gods
  • All that matters is what my small group thinks.
  • I can come to my full human potential through inner exploration.
  • The Gospel can be reduced to improvements in behavior.
  • The extreme adherence to tradition, especially in cultural or religious practice for personal or corporate salvation. Example: Holding faith in ONLY a system where all knowledge is derived from an original divine revelation and is transmitted by tradition.

In your opinion what was Mark 7:1-23 saying THEN?

In your opinion what is Mark 7:1-23 saying NOW?

  • What does this point mean for the non-Christian?
  • What does it mean for us as citizens, as employees, and so forth?
  • What does it teach us about Christ?
  • What does it mean for us as individual Christians?
  • What does it mean for our church as a whole?