For those of you who are into God-centered worship music, get the following albums while you still can:

Sovereign Grace Music – Risen ($5): This is a whole album of songs that celebrate the reality and meaning of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Thirteen songs and you simply can’t beat the price. Plus, you can get all the chord charts, sheet music and lyrics from Worship Matters. Seriously, $5?!?! I am loving this album.

The Joy Eternal – A Sweet and Bitter Providence ($5.94): John Piper says that this is full of “big truths and beautiful sounds.” I just downloaded it on iTunes. You should too.

Gungor – Beautiful Things ($5): This is my favorite album of the three. The writer of my least favorite song ever (“Friend of God”) because it was played to death has released what is currently my favorite album. Go figure. Seriously, you should buy this album immediately. Check out the following videos: