There have been some fantastic articles @ Desiring God that I would strongly recommend anyone who is involved in missions read (summary is found here). I have developed some strong reservations about what commonly is called “short-term mission trips” and I was rather interested to find many of the same thoughts coming from others. I’ve often wondered if my opinions were based more on subjective experiences than conclusive facts. Perhaps I’m not as crazy as some people think! Well, at least in this area… The following articles have been written at Piper’s site…

The point of the articles is to challenge our perceptions of what qualifies as a short-term mission trip and what does not. What is effective in the task of missions and what is not? How can local churches share in the work of missions without doing more damage than good? Many short-term mission trips are essentially vacations (e.g., see the picture!). Not all, but certainly more than should be!

If you have done short-term missions, have a heart for missions, are a missionary, or just consider yourself a concerned Christian, I’d encourage you to read each of these short essays. They’re really great discussion starters!