Jonathan Edwards is, in my opinion, clearly one of the greatest minds that America has every produced. Both theologically and philosophically speaking. I’m challenged by his life and writings. I just picked up a copy of Storm’s devotional on Colossians and found this gem in the introduction:

Be assiduous in reading the holy Scriptures. This is the fountain whence all knowledge in divinity must be derived. Therefore let not this treasure lie by you neglected. Every man of common understanding who can read, may, if he please, become well acquainted with the Scriptures. And what an excellent attainment would this be!” – Jonathan Edwards, “The Importance and Advantage of a Thorough Knowledge of Divine Truth,” in Sermons and Discources 1739-1742, 101.

Regarding the above sermon that Edwards preached, Dr. Sam Storms writes,

“Most Christians would give assent to the title of Edwards’s message: “Yes, of course it’s important that we read and understand God’s Word. There is great advantage in the pursuit of a thorough knowledge of divine truth. We must be careful and unremitting in the attention we give to it.” But the fervency of that assertion, I regret to say, is rarely met with a proportionate devotion to actually doing it.” – Sam Storms, The Hope of Glory: 100 Meditations on Colossians, 11.

We often ascribe great confirmation to concepts that we know we are true but when it comes to actually applying them and “doing the stuff”, there is a disconnect. May the Lord help us to live this type of devotion in our lives!