Check out Obama’s Fascinating Interview with Cathleen Falsani. Finally we can read the full transcript of what Obama actually does believe without having to filter through the various half-truths and misrepresentations regarding Obama’s understanding of Christianity.

Ross Douthat wrote something of interest:

Given the muddled way in which most Americans approach religion, and the pervasiveness of heterodoxy, I suppose I’m basically with Alan Jacobs: I think that figuring out exactly what sort of things Obama believes about God and Christ and everything else, and how those beliefs may affect his Presidency, is ultimately a more profitable pursuit than arguing about whether he should be allowed to call himself a Christian. Or put another way: I expect my Presidents to be heretics, but I think it matters a great deal what kind of heretics they are.

My assumption is that from approximately the 1900’s until now, our heretics are our Presidents! I too expect my President to be a heretic and I too think it matters greatly just what kind of heretic they are!

Once you’ve read the interview, you’ll have a better understanding of Obama’s faith in 2004. Has it changed? I do not know. I would venture to guess that everyone’s faith somewhat changes as they progress through life. But not everyone’s theology necessarily changes.

What do you think about Obama’s theology?!?!?!